Google Developing AI Tools to Assist Journalists: Industry Concerns about Job Displacement.

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Google’s AI Tools for Journalists

Tech giant Google has revealed its ongoing efforts to develop artificial intelligence (AI) tools designed to aid journalists in writing headlines and stories. The goal is to provide journalists with the option of utilizing these emerging technologies to enhance their work and productivity, as stated by a Google spokesperson. The development of AI in journalism has raised concerns about the potential replacement of human jobs and the accuracy of AI-generated content.

AI as a Complement, Not Replacement

Google emphasizes that these AI tools are not meant to replace the crucial role journalists play in reporting, creating, and fact-checking articles. The company asserts that the intention is to create a partnership with news publishers, particularly smaller ones, to ensure these tools complement and enhance journalists’ work.

Building AI Tools through Data Ingestion

Creating AI tools capable of generating human-like content requires tech companies to ingest vast amounts of written work, including news articles and books. However, the use of such content for training these systems has sparked a debate over fair compensation to artists and content creators. Recently, a deal was struck between AP and ChatGPT-maker OpenAI, allowing the artificial intelligence company to license AP’s archive of news stories from 1985 onwards.

Challenges of AI-generated Content

While generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard are becoming more proficient at mimicking various writing styles, they also pose risks due to their potential to spread falsehoods, especially in areas where subject expertise is required, such as news reporting and medical advice. The AI tools are currently popular as time-saving tools for composing emails and routine documents, as well as for academic assistance.

Protecting Jobs and Maintaining Standards

Concerns have been raised within the journalism industry about AI potentially displacing human journalists. The News Media Guild, representing some journalists in the US, emphasizes the importance of protecting jobs and upholding journalistic standards. While technological advances are welcomed to aid reporters and editors, there is a clear desire to ensure AI does not replace the essential role that journalists play in delivering reliable and fact-checked news.

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