“Gabon’s Military Leaders to Swiftly Reopen Borders”

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Gabon’s Borders Reopen Following Military Coup

In the aftermath of the military coup that removed ex-president Ali Bongo, the Gabonese army has announced the reopening of the nation’s borders. A spokesperson for Gabon’s military rulers conveyed this decision on state television, emphasizing its immediate implementation. This move comes after a group of 12 Gabonese soldiers declared the closure of the borders until further notice, an announcement that was broadcast on Gabon 24 television channel.

General Brice Oligui Nguema Leads Coup

General Brice Oligui Nguema, the commander of the elite Republican Guard, spearheaded the coup against President Ali Bongo Ondimba. This marked a significant event in Gabon’s political history, given the Bongo family’s uninterrupted 55-year rule. President Bongo’s removal occurred shortly after he was declared the winner of the recent presidential elections, a result that the opposition vehemently decried as fraudulent. Along with the overthrow, the coup leaders dissolved the nation’s institutions and invalidated the election results while also shutting down the country’s borders.

General Oligui to Assume Role of “Transitional President”

General Brice Oligui Nguema is slated to be inaugurated as the “transitional president” on Monday. Notably, Gabon joins a list of African nations, including Mali, Guinea, Sudan, Burkina Faso, and Niger, that have experienced coups within the past three years. These recent events have seen the new rulers resisting calls for a prompt return to civilian governance, further highlighting the evolving political landscape in the region.

SOURCE: Ref Image from Daily News Eygpt

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