French President Macron Unveils Plan to Boost AI and Tech Start-ups at VivaTech.

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Macron to Present New Plan for AI and Tech Start-ups at VivaTech

French President Emmanuel Macron will introduce a new plan to support the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and tech start-ups in France. He will make the announcement at the opening of VivaTech, Europe’s largest tech fair, held in Paris. The event features over 2,200 exhibitors, including industry leaders, and expects to attract 10,000 business representatives despite the high ticket prices and substantial stand costs.

Cutting-Edge Technologies on Display at VivaTech

VivaTech attendees can look forward to witnessing a range of groundbreaking products and concepts. These include augmented reality ski masks, exoskeletons for healthcare professionals, AI-animated Van Gogh masterpieces, and hydrogen-powered vehicles. The fair organizers anticipate around 100,000 visitors on the public open day, scheduled for this coming Saturday.

Macron’s Vision for France as a Technological Leader

As a regular attendee of VivaTech, Macron has been a vocal advocate for the “startup nation” vision since 2017. His presence at the event allows him to connect with entrepreneurs and stay updated on the latest technological trends. In a recent tweet, Macron expressed his ambition for France to become a frontrunner in AI and emphasized the importance of financing, education, research, and regulation in achieving this goal.

New Funding Initiatives and AI Regulation

During his speech at VivaTech, Macron is expected to unveil funding initiatives specifically targeted at French AI, with a focus on supporting French-language language models. Macron will also outline his approach to AI regulation, revealing plans to implement provisions of the forthcoming European AI regulation in France ahead of its official enforcement. This includes requirements for transparent disclosure when content is generated by AI, ensuring accountability and transparency.

Notable AI Startup and Elon Musk’s Presence

President Macron will be joined on stage by Arthur Mensch, CEO of Mistral, a French AI startup that recently secured a record-breaking funding round of €105 million to compete with OpenAI. Mistral aims to develop models using publicly accessible data to avoid potential legal complications associated with training data. Additionally, Tesla CEO Elon Musk will be a highlight of this year’s VivaTech, delivering a highly anticipated speech. France also hopes to be chosen as a future location for a Tesla factory, according to AFP reports.

SOURCE: Ref Image from French Tech Journal

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