French Airport to Honor Queen Elizabeth II with New Name

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Introduction: Le Touquet Airport’s Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

An airport in France is poised to undergo a name change in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, a decision that has received the approval of the King, as confirmed by officials from the town of Le Touquet. The airport, located in the northwest of France, is set to be renamed to “Elizabeth II Le Touquet-Paris-Plage International Airport.” The new name aims to pay homage to the “Great Queen” and establish a connection with the British monarch.

King’s Blessing for the Renaming

Le Touquet’s town hall announced that the renaming proposal garnered the approval of the King on Monday. The new airport name, reflecting the esteemed legacy of Queen Elizabeth II, seeks to strengthen ties between the town and the United Kingdom, while also highlighting the airport’s location in the “most British of French resorts.”

A Nod to History and Legacy

The renaming proposal, which celebrates the late Queen’s contribution and connections to the town, was initially presented to the British Crown a mere six days after the Queen’s passing on September 8 of the previous year. The designation is also a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II’s uncle, Edward VIII, who frequented Le Touquet and enjoyed recreational activities like horse riding and sand yachting. This renaming decision carries deeper historical significance and aims to preserve a connection to the Queen’s familial ties with the town.

Strengthening Links and Embracing Tourism

Le Touquet’s rebranded airport as “Elizabeth II Le Touquet-Paris-Plage International Airport” is poised to establish a more pronounced connection between the town and the United Kingdom. The airport was originally designed in the 1930s with the intention of welcoming British visitors to the coastal town. By embracing this new name, the town envisions reinforcing the bonds between the two nations and fostering tourism via air travel across the English Channel.

Looking Forward and Seeking Responses

The renaming initiative, aimed at commemorating Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy and enhancing the town’s connection with the UK, anticipates its official inauguration. Although a date for the event is yet to be finalized, Le Touquet is enthusiastic about the name change’s potential impact. Buckingham Palace and the Cabinet Office have been approached for their insights on this renaming decision.

In the near future, Le Touquet is set to host the England rugby team for the Rugby World Cup, an event that further underscores the town’s international engagement and hospitality.

SOURCE: Ref Image from Vanguard News

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