Frankfurt Airport Introduces Biometric Check-In to Reduce Waiting Times.

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Frankfurt airport is aiming to cut down on long queues and streamline the check-in process for passengers by offering biometric check-in services to all travelers, a first for any European airport. This initiative is expected to roll out in the coming months, and it is already in operation for passengers flying with Lufthansa and Star Alliance carriers.

Facial Recognition for All Passengers

The airport operator, Fraport, has announced that the time-saving biometric technology will be accessible to all airline passengers who register beforehand. The system eliminates the need for physical boarding passes and identification documents, with travelers’ faces serving as their boarding passes.

Registration Process and Implementation

Passengers can conveniently register in advance through the Star Alliance biometric app or directly at the check-in kiosk using their biometric-enabled passports. The facial recognition technology is employed at various checkpoints, including check-in machines, boarding pass control, and departure gates, with plans to expand its reach across 50% of these points in the near future.

Secure and Efficient Procedures

The biometric data of Star Alliance passengers holding Miles & More cards can be permanently stored, while other travelers are required to register using their ID documents for specific flights. The technology provider, Sita, assures that all personal information is deleted three hours after the flight’s departure time.

Positive Response and Dual Check-In Options

David Lavorel, CEO of Sita, highlighted the high passenger acceptance rate for biometric systems. While the new biometric check-in approach is expected to gain traction, the airport will continue to provide conventional check-in methods for those who prefer traditional procedures. Similar biometric initiatives are currently in place at major German airports like Hamburg and Munich, primarily catering to Lufthansa and Star Alliance passengers.

SOURCE: Image Ref from The Local Germany

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