France’s Supreme Court Rejects Reopening of Luc Besson Rape Claim.

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End of a High-Profile MeToo Case

France’s highest appeals court has dismissed a request to reopen a rape accusation against acclaimed film director Luc Besson, effectively concluding one of the most prominent cases stemming from the country’s MeToo movement against sexual assault.

Actress Sand Van Roy from the Netherlands and Belgium had accused Besson, known for directing films like “The Fifth Element” and “Leon,” of raping her during a tumultuous two-year relationship. Van Roy filed a complaint against him in May 2018.

Legal Proceedings and Rulings

In February 2019, prosecutors dropped the case due to insufficient evidence. Subsequently, when Van Roy filed new charges, an appeals court also closed the case in May of the following year. The Cour de Cassation, the final criminal appeals court, stated in a decision obtained by AFP that there was no justifiable reason to pursue an appeal against the previous rulings.

Van Roy’s Response and Future Actions

Expressing her disappointment, Van Roy took to Twitter, stating that the Cour de Cassation’s refusal to hear her appeal meant that the French judiciary once again declined to examine the evidence in her case. She pledged to continue pursuing her claims and announced her intention to submit a request to the European Court of Human Rights.

Besson’s Defense and Legal Conclusions

A lawyer representing Besson, who has consistently denied the allegations, declared that the recent decision brings an end to all legal proceedings spanning the past five years and reaffirms Besson’s innocence.

Acknowledged Relationship and Additional Allegations

Besson has acknowledged having a relationship with Van Roy, who had minor roles in his films “Taxi 5” and “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.” Van Roy initially filed a rape complaint just hours after their meeting in May 2018, followed by a subsequent complaint two months later regarding other alleged incidents of rape and sexual assault. In addition, three other women have accused Besson of sexual harassment, all of which he has denied

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