France’s Increased Commitment to Humanitarian Aid for Palestinians.

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During the international aid conference on Gaza, President Emmanuel Macron of France declared a significant increase in the country’s commitment to providing humanitarian aid for the Palestinian people. The additional €80 million allocated this year brings the total aid to a substantial €100 million, demonstrating France’s strong dedication to assisting the besieged Palestinian enclave.

Macron’s Plea for Protection of Civilians and Humanitarian Pause

Addressing the escalating crisis in Gaza, President Macron urged Israel to prioritize the protection of civilians, emphasizing the equal value of all lives. He stressed that the fight against terrorism must adhere to ethical standards and called for a temporary ceasefire to facilitate the much-needed distribution of aid to the suffering Palestinian population.

Call for International Solidarity and Increased Contributions

In a call to action, President Macron urged all participating nations to boost their financial contributions to the Palestinian civilian population through the United Nations. Citing the UN’s estimation of a $1.2 billion humanitarian aid requirement for Gaza and the West Bank, Macron emphasized the urgency of a collective effort to alleviate the dire situation.

Acknowledgment of Aid Initiatives from Various Nations

Macron commended the aid initiatives undertaken by individual countries, including Jordan’s provision of health supplies through parachuting, the UAE’s establishment of a field hospital, and Cyprus’s proposal for a maritime corridor. He also acknowledged the EU’s air bridge initiative. Macron expressed hope that the conference would foster collaboration and synergy among these efforts to enhance their overall effectiveness.

European Union’s Heightened Humanitarian Aid and Palestinian Prime Minister’s Urgent Plea

Additionally, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, highlighted the EU’s fourfold increase in humanitarian aid for Palestinians. Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh emphasized the urgent need for immediate action, underlining the gravity of the situation in Gaza, where the loss of innocent lives continues at an alarming rate. The conference, he emphasized, presents a crucial opportunity to address the long-standing suffering of the Palestinian people.

SOURCE: Ref Image from Yahoo News UK

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