Explore the historical customs of Sadu weaving, sword crafting, and falconry through Qatar 365.

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Qatar 365, a project dedicated to exploring Qatar’s cultural heritage while promoting modernization, highlights how the country is preserving its cultural heritage by continuing traditional practices. This includes the Sadu weaving, a style of weaving used by Bedouin women to make textiles that kept them warm in the cold desert nights. The practice was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2020 to prevent it from dying out, and Caravane Earth Foundation, a non-governmental organization that promotes social, cultural, and ecological transformation, has set up an initiative to empower and support Sadu weavers so that they can continue honing their craft. The initiative includes a creative residency program with Qatar’s Heenat Salma Farm, a project dedicated to eco-conscious traditions.

Sword making is another significant part of Qatari culture. Qatar’s newest hotel, Katara Towers, is designed to resemble two crossed scimitars, which are recognized by their curved single-edged blade. A handmade Qatari sword is considered to be the most beautiful and best gift to give to someone. These swords are used for ‘Ardah’ rituals, a traditional folkloric, war dance, as well as diplomatic gifts and decoration of the walls of Qatari embassies. Each piece has its own inscription, and some are plated in gold, silver, and copper, while others are decorated with precious stones.

The 14th International Falcons and Hunting Festival, known locally as ‘Marmi,’ took place earlier this year. It brings together regional falconers who put forward their prized birds to compete in the hunting competition. The tournament is intrinsically linked to Qatari culture, and falconry enthusiasts master the values and etiquette of falconry. Qatar continues to preserve its cultural heritage by supporting and encouraging traditional practices while promoting modernization.

SOURCE: Ref: euronews

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