Escaped Pennsylvania Prisoner Expands Search Area as Manhunt Enters 12th Day

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Expanding the Search Radius

Pennsylvania law enforcement authorities are widening their search perimeter following a series of recent sightings of Danelo Cavalcante, an escaped prisoner who has been on the run for 12 days. Cavalcante, a Brazilian national, managed to steal a van and visit the homes of two acquaintances over the weekend, both located outside the initial search zone.

Changing Appearance and Evasion

Photographs captured by a doorbell camera at one of the homes he visited suggest that the 34-year-old fugitive has undergone significant changes to his appearance, appearing clean-shaven and dressed differently. Cavalcante’s escape from Chester County Prison involved a daring maneuver as he “crab walked” between two walls, scaled a fence, and navigated through razor wire. Despite multiple sightings, he continues to elude capture, leaving the local community on edge, with some schools having closed temporarily.

Evading the Search Perimeter

The intensive search efforts, which involved hundreds of police officers, tracker dogs, and aircraft, initially centered around Longwood Gardens, a large botanical park. However, Cavalcante managed to steal a 2020 Ford Transit van just outside the established search perimeter on Saturday evening, further complicating the manhunt.

Surveillance Footage Reveals New Look

A Sunday news conference revealed that Cavalcante had utilized the stolen vehicle to reach the residence of a former colleague in East Pikeland Township, even engaging with them via their Ring doorbell camera. Surveillance footage showed his clean-shaven face, a contrast to his bearded appearance at the time of his escape. He was dressed in a baseball cap, hooded sweatshirt, green trousers resembling prison attire, and white sneakers.

Desperate Search for Support

Law enforcement authorities believe Cavalcante is still in the area and may have entered other residences, businesses, or vehicles. Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens emphasized that the fugitive is likely seeking support. The stolen van was recovered in East Nantmeal Township, further prompting a shift in the manhunt’s focus to the vicinity of its discovery.

Community members have been urged to take precautions such as locking their vehicles and homes, monitoring surveillance footage, and familiarizing themselves with recent photos of Cavalcante. The challenges posed by the search area, including tunnels and large drainage ditches, have made securing it a complex task. Nonetheless, authorities remain committed to bringing the escaped prisoner to justice.

SOURCE: Ref Image from Lakeshore PBS

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