Elon Musk concludes his two-day visit to China, focused on enhancing Tesla’s sales efforts.

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Elon Musk’s private jet, associated with his role as CEO of Tesla, departed from Shanghai, China, marking the end of his visit to the country. The flight-tracking data revealed that the jet took off from Shanghai’s Hongqiao airport en route to Austin, Texas, where Tesla is headquartered.

Musk’s visit to China, his first in over three years, aimed to explore opportunities for expanding Tesla’s business in the world’s largest electric vehicle market. During his two-day trip, he visited Tesla’s factory near Shanghai and interacted with employees.

In Beijing, Musk had a meeting with China’s Commerce Minister Wang Wentao. He expressed confidence in the Chinese market and praised the country’s vitality and promise. However, neither Musk nor Tesla has released an official statement or responded to media requests for comment regarding the trip.

Musk’s business ventures in China have attracted attention, and President Joe Biden has previously acknowledged the need to scrutinize his ties with foreign countries. The billionaire’s remarks suggesting Taiwan’s integration with China have also sparked controversy.

Musk’s visit is part of a trend of Western executives traveling to China since the country eased COVID-19 restrictions, allowing for increased international engagement. Chinese officials have welcomed such visits, emphasizing the importance of better understanding China and promoting mutually beneficial cooperation.

While Musk remains a controversial figure in the West, he enjoys significant admiration in China, where Tesla cars have gained popularity among the middle-class urban population. His visit generated excitement on Chinese social media platforms, with hashtags related to the event receiving billions of views.

Despite the positive reception, some users raised concerns about the working conditions in the tech industry, highlighting long hours and high-stress culture. A midnight post featuring Musk posing with numerous workers in Shanghai sparked discussion about overtime work practices.

Amid strained relations between the United States and China, some users humorously contrasted Musk’s warm welcome in China with the perceived lack of enthusiasm for US officials. Memes depicting “Comrade Musk” addressing an applauding audience of Chinese officials circulated on social media, offering a lighthearted take on the situation.


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