Dozens Dead as Migrant Boat Capsizes off Greek Coast.

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Tragedy Strikes as Migrant Boat Capsizes in Greek Waters

A fishing boat carrying a large number of migrants capsized and sank off the southern coast of Greece early Wednesday, resulting in the tragic deaths of at least 59 people, according to the Greek coast guard. The incident occurred approximately 75 kilometers southwest of Greece’s southern Peloponnese region. Authorities swiftly initiated a comprehensive search and rescue operation in the area.

Rescue Efforts Underway, Some Survivors Hospitalized

As the search operation unfolded, authorities reported that 104 individuals had been rescued thus far. However, the exact number of missing passengers remained unclear. Among the survivors, four were hospitalized due to symptoms of hypothermia. The Greek coast guard continued its relentless efforts to locate any remaining individuals who may be in distress at sea.

Extensive Collaboration in the Ongoing Search

The search and rescue operation involved a coordinated effort by various entities. Six coast guard vessels, a navy frigate, a military transport plane, an air force helicopter, private vessels, and a drone from the European Union border protection agency, Frontex, were all deployed to aid in the ongoing search. The collective determination and resources dedicated to this mission exemplify the commitment to saving lives.

Origins and Tactics of the Ill-Fated Journey

Reports indicate that the boat, destined for Italy, is believed to have departed from the Tobruk area in eastern Libya. Smugglers have increasingly resorted to using larger vessels to navigate international waters off the Greek mainland in an attempt to evade local coast guard patrols. This dangerous and illegal practice underscores the desperate measures undertaken by migrants seeking a better life.

Developing Story, Updates to Follow

The situation remains fluid, and our team of journalists is actively gathering additional information. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updates as soon as more details become available.

SOURCE: Image Ref from CBS news

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