Coup in Niger Sparks Violence and Uncertainty

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Ousted President’s Party Attacked by Coup Supporters

Supporters of the coup in Niger have launched an attack on the headquarters of the ousted president’s party, setting it on fire, and vandalizing cars outside. The arsonists broke away from a larger show of support for the coup leaders outside the parliament, where Russian flags were displayed.

Army Backs Troops Behind President’s Capture

After President Mohamed Bazoum was taken captive on Wednesday, the army has expressed its support for the troops involved in the coup. Russia, along with other countries and the UN, has demanded Mr. Bazoum’s release.

President Bazoum – A Western Ally in Anti-Terror Fight

President Bazoum, who was elected as Niger’s president two years ago, is a significant ally in the fight against Islamist militants in West Africa. Both the US and France, with military bases in Niger, have condemned the coup and vowed their support for Mr. Bazoum.

Nigerians Split on Coup’s Impact

The coup has led to a divided opinion among Nigerians, with some voicing support for the move away from French influence towards Russia, while others fear instability and regress for the country.

Western Influence Shrinks in the Region

The coup adds to the challenges faced by French and Western efforts to restore stability in the Sahel region of West Africa. Burkina Faso, Central African Republic (CAR), and Mali have shown a preference for partnering with Russia’s Wagner Group over Western forces, leading to a reduction in Western influence in the region. The coup may further complicate efforts to contain insurgent groups linked to ISIS and al-Qaeda in the region, who thrive on instability and poor governance.

SOURCE: Ref Image from The Guardian Nigeria

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