Comedian Sarah Silverman Files Lawsuit Against OpenAI and Meta Over AI Copyright Infringement.

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US comedian Sarah Silverman is taking legal action against OpenAI and Meta, accusing them of infringing her copyright in the training of their AI systems, including ChatGPT and LLaMa. Silverman is joined by two other authors in a class-action lawsuit against the two technology giants.

The lawsuit against OpenAI claims that the authors’ copyrighted materials were used to train ChatGPT without their consent. ChatGPT learns to imitate human language by analyzing large datasets of human text. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is facing a separate lawsuit regarding its LLaMa AI system, which was leaked online after being initially released to a small group of research users.

The authors argue that their books were included in a dataset used to train the LLaMa system, compiled by another organization. The legal cases will likely hinge on the question of whether training a large language model constitutes fair use or not, according to Patrick Goold, a reader in law at City University in London.

Silverman’s legal team, led by Matthew Butterick and Joseph Saveri, has been representing other authors in a previous lawsuit against OpenAI. They have received concerns from writers, authors, and publishers about the resemblance of the ChatGPT system’s generated text to copyrighted materials, including thousands of books.

However, some legal experts have raised doubts about whether OpenAI can be accused of directly copying books. Last year, Butterick’s law firm filed two lawsuits on behalf of programmers and artists who believed their rights were violated by AI systems.

Both OpenAI and Meta have yet to respond to the allegations. The outcome of these lawsuits will have significant implications for the use of copyrighted materials in training AI systems and may shape future regulations in this field.

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