China “Probably” Supplying Key Technology to Russia’s War Effort in Ukraine, US Report Claims.

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A recent US intelligence report alleges that China is likely providing crucial technology, including drones and fighter jet parts, to aid Russia’s military efforts in Ukraine. The report suggests that Beijing has become an “increasingly important buttress” for Russia in its war efforts, despite international controls and restrictions. Among the items being supplied are navigation equipment, jamming technology, and fighter jet components.

Escalating Tensions: US Warns China Against Aiding Russia

The report, published on Thursday, has the potential to escalate tensions between the US and China, as Washington has previously cautioned Beijing against supporting Russia’s deadly assault on Ukraine. China’s stance on the Ukraine war is complex, with the country balancing competing pressures. While it has not condemned the Russian invasion and has echoed some of Moscow’s anti-western claims, it has also emphasized Ukraine’s territorial integrity and proposed a peace plan. China denies sending military aid to Russia.

China’s Role in Circumventing Sanctions and Boosting Moscow’s Economic Partnerships

According to the report, China has also assisted Russia in circumventing Western sanctions, becoming an increasingly critical economic partner for Moscow since the start of the war in February. It has increased imports of Russian energy, including rerouting oil and gas supplies from Europe. This is significant as revenue from oil and gas plays a vital role in funding Russia’s war in Ukraine. Despite sanctions, French energy giant Total has been accused of purchasing substantial amounts of Russian liquefied natural gas.

Supplying Drones and Drone Parts: Fueling Russia’s “Terror Bombing” Strategy

While China has reportedly supplied non-lethal aid, such as ammunition and uniforms, to the Russian armed forces for some time, the US report reveals that it has also provided Moscow with €10 worth of drones and drone parts. Analysts suggest that Russia has been using drones and missiles to deliberately “terror bomb” Ukrainian civilians as part of its strategy to weaken their resolve. In April, Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s Defence Minister Li Shangu held a meeting in Moscow, describing their military cooperation as a “boundless” partnership. They announced sharing information, collaborating on military and technical matters, and conducting joint exercises in Europe and the Far East.

The US report’s claims regarding China’s role in aiding Russia’s military efforts in Ukraine may further complicate international relations and impact geopolitical dynamics in the region. It remains to be seen how the involved parties will respond to these allegations, and whether any actions will be taken in response to China’s alleged involvement.

SOURCE: Ref Image from Foreign Affairs

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