Bern Tops the List Again: The Best European Cities for Expats

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Bern: A Three-Year Winner: For the third consecutive year, Bern has claimed the title of the most liveable city in Europe, according to the latest rankings by mobility consultancy ECA International. The Swiss city’s pristine air quality and secure streets contribute to its allure, making it an attractive destination for expatriates and their families.

Copenhagen and Dublin Face Housing Challenges: Copenhagen, the former top-ranking city, slipped to fifth place in ECA’s 2023 Location Ratings. While the Danish capital retains its appeal, housing affordability concerns have affected its overall ranking. Dublin, too, faces housing difficulties, dropping out of the top 10 compared to a decade ago, now occupying the 11th position. The popularity of these cities has contributed to reduced availability of suitable housing, impacting their liveability scores.

Housing Woes Impact Luxembourg and Dusseldorf: Housing availability issues have caused Luxembourg and Dusseldorf to fall out of the top 10 compared to 2013. Dusseldorf’s decline is further exacerbated by increased socio-political tensions, including the heightened threat from terrorist attacks in Germany over the past decade.

Edinburgh and London Maintain Strong Positions: Edinburgh retains its status as the most liveable destination in the UK, securing the 17th position overall. Aberdeen also performs well, ranking 24th, while Glasgow, with higher crime levels, lags behind in 47th place. London remains stable in the rankings, claiming the 37th spot. The capital’s appeal lies in its excellent facilities, comprehensive public transport network, and recreational options.

ECA’s Comprehensive Ranking Criteria: ECA International’s rankings consider various liveability factors crucial for expatriates, including access to a social network and recreational and leisure facilities. While Bern’s consistent reign showcases its overall desirability, housing challenges impact the standings of other popular European cities, emphasizing the importance of affordable living for a city to be truly liveable.

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