“Belgium’s Justice Minister Apologizes for ‘Pipigate’ Scandal at His Birthday Party”

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“Belgium’s Justice Minister Apologizes for ‘Pipigate’ Scandal at His Birthday Party” Belgium’s Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne faced parliament scrutiny after a controversial incident at his 50th birthday party, dubbed “Pipigate” by local media. The incident involved party guests urinating on an empty police van, and it was captured on police surveillance footage. Van Quickenborne denied any knowledge of the incident but apologized for the scandal it caused. He also refuted claims that he was seen on video mocking the event, stating that he was performing an “air guitar solo” and not mimicking urination. Opposition politicians and police unions expressed anger over the incident.

Denial of Involvement and Clearing His Name: Van Quickenborne explained that he was not looking at the video or images of the incident at the time. He presented his own domestic security camera footage, showing him escorting a friend out of his home hours after the alleged urination incident. He claimed that he was taking a selfie with his friend and not imitating urination. Van Quickenborne emphasized his metalhead persona and said, “I am a metalhead.”

Expressing Shame and Disgust: Addressing the seriousness of the issue, Van Quickenborne expressed his shame that guests he had invited to his house urinated on a police van. He highlighted the inappropriateness of the act, especially considering the van’s purpose. He and his family have been under police protection following a failed kidnapping attempt last year.

Investigation and Opposition Criticism: An investigation into the incident has been launched by the public prosecutor’s office in Kortrijk. Opposition politicians criticized Van Quickenborne’s behavior and questioned his version of events. Christoph D’Haese, the mayor of Aalst, East Flanders, accused the minister of ridiculing the police and showing a lack of respect. The NSPV police union previously released a statement describing Van Quickenborne as unworthy of being a minister of justice.

Prime Minister’s Response: Prime Minister Alexander de Croo, who attended the birthday party, stated that he did not witness the incident. Van Quickenborne’s party is the Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats party.

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