Baby Afraa’s Remarkable Recovery After Earthquake Tragedy

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In February, a devastating earthquake struck south-eastern Turkey and northern Syria, claiming more than 44,000 lives. Among the victims was Afraa’s mother, who gave birth to Afraa just before the earthquake hit. Afraa was found in the rubble with her umbilical cord still attached, her mother having died after childbirth. Her father, four siblings, and mother all perished in the earthquake, making Afraa the sole survivor of her immediate family.

Afraa’s rescue video from the earthquake captivated the world, but now she is a healthy and happy six-month-old baby, raised by her aunt and uncle in the Syrian town of Jindayris. They take care of her along with their seven children.

The rescue was a dramatic moment, and baby Afraa’s recovery has been remarkable. After being found in critical condition with bumps and bruises and barely breathing, she has now fully recovered and shows no visible injuries.

The past six months have been challenging for Afraa’s guardians. After thousands of people around the world offered to adopt her, the aunt and uncle had to prove their relation through a DNA test before they were allowed to care for her. Eventually, the DNA results confirmed their relationship, and they were able to take Afraa home. They gave her the name “Afraa” in memory of her mother.

Despite the difficulties they faced, the family cherishes Afraa and plans to tell her about her family when she grows up. They buried her parents and siblings in a nearby village called Hajj Iskandar, and now they live in a rented house in Jindayris, though they fear they may not be able to stay there for long due to financial constraints.

Jindayris was one of the worst-hit areas in the earthquake, leaving many families displaced and living in difficult conditions. Providing aid to the four million people in this rebel-held area of Syria has been extremely challenging, considering the long-standing war’s impact on the region.

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