At least 129 people have lost their lives in Rwanda as a result of floods caused by intense rainfall.

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According to the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, heavy rainfall in western and northern parts of Rwanda has resulted in fatal flooding that has claimed the lives of at least 129 people. The death toll is expected to rise, and this disaster-induced death toll may be the highest recorded in the country in recent years. Francois Habitegeko, the governor of Rwanda’s Western province, stated that the search for additional victims is ongoing following heavy rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Over the last week, strong rainstorms have caused flooding and mudslides that have swept away numerous houses throughout the country, rendering some roads impassable. The Rwanda Meteorology Agency has warned that more rain is on the way. The hilly terrain in the western and northern provinces and the capital, Kigali, makes them prone to landslides during the rainy season. As a result, the government has previously asked people residing in wetlands and other hazardous areas to relocate.

The Ministry of Emergency Management reported last month that weather-related disasters killed 60 people, destroyed more than 1,205 homes, and damaged 2,000 hectares (approximately 5,000 acres) of land across Rwanda from January to April 20. Uganda’s southwest, as well as other parts of East Africa, are also experiencing heavy rainfall. Last week, after a river burst its banks in the remote Ugandan district of Rukungiri, at least three people drowned in floods.

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