“Arrest Made Following Live Broadcast Incident of Spanish Reporter Isa Balado Being Touched”

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Arrest Made in Alleged Sexual Assault of Journalist During Live TV Broadcast

A man has been apprehended by Spanish police under suspicion of sexually assaulting a journalist while she was reporting live on television. The incident occurred as Isa Balado was covering a robbery in Madrid. The man in question allegedly touched her bottom, a claim he denied when confronted by the journalist.

On-Air Revelation of the Assault

During the live broadcast, Isa Balado attempted to continue her reporting after the alleged assault but was interrupted by the program’s host, Nacho Abad. He questioned whether the man had indeed touched her bottom, to which Ms. Balado confirmed the incident. Abad then suggested putting the individual responsible on camera.

Confrontation and Denial

The camera shifted to show both Isa Balado and the man, who was still standing beside her. The reporter addressed the man, expressing her displeasure at his actions and reminding him of the live show she was conducting. The man, however, continued to deny touching her and even attempted to tickle her head as he walked away.

Reactions and Consequences

Spanish police later announced the arrest of the man for allegedly assaulting a reporter during a live television broadcast. Mediaset España, the owner of the news channel, released a statement expressing its support for Isa Balado and condemning the “absolutely intolerable situation” she endured, firmly rejecting any form of harassment or aggression.

Spain’s Labour Minister, Yolanda Díaz, also denounced the incident, emphasizing that it should not go unpunished. She attributed such acts to machismo, highlighting that journalists often suffer sexual assaults like this, with the perpetrators displaying no remorse even in front of the camera.

Context of Ongoing Sexism Debate

This incident occurs in the midst of an ongoing debate surrounding sexism in Spain, sparked by the former Spanish Football Association president, Luis Rubiales. His public kiss on the lips of World Cup winner Jenni Hermoso during the Women’s World Cup final generated widespread criticism, leading to his eventual resignation and legal action over allegations of sexual assault and coercion.

SOURCE: Ref Image from Daily Mail

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