An expert has cautioned that Russia may increase its use of chemical attacks in Ukraine.

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Expert warns of possible chemical weapons use by Russia in Ukraine

An expert has raised concerns about the potential use of chemical weapons by Russia in Ukraine. Despite the Kremlin denying any intention to use chemical weapons, footage released by Ukraine on Sunday purports to show the use of phosphorus, an indiscriminate and traumatic weapon, against civilian areas.

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a British chemical weapons expert, explains that from a military perspective, phosphorus can be incredibly successful in burning whole towns and villages. He adds that while phosphorus can legitimately be used by military forces for night illumination and smoke screens, it can also have a significant psychological impact on both troops and civilians.

The devastating effects of chemical weapons

The use of chemical weapons, such as phosphorus, can cause horrific burns to those who come into contact with them. It is difficult to extinguish the resulting flash fires, and burns accelerate when they come into contact with water. While the US, UK, and other nations have expressed concerns over the use of chemical weapons by Russia, none have been confirmed in Ukraine. However, given the use of phosphorus in Bakhmut, experts are warning that it could be a sign of things to come.

The international community needs to take action

The international community has been urged to condemn any use of chemical or biological weapons in any shape or form. The expert believes that NATO and the West would act if Russia were to use chemical weapons in Ukraine. However, there are concerns that if NATO and the West did not respond to previous chemical weapon use in Syria, it could embolden Putin to act. Experts are calling on world leaders to speak out against chemical weapons use and to reaffirm that it is not acceptable under any circumstances.

SOURCE: Ref – Joshua Askew

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