Al Pacino, aged 83, is set to welcome his fourth child, placing him among the esteemed group of well-known older fathers.

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Al Pacino, 83, expecting a child with girlfriend Noor Alfallah

Hollywood veteran Al Pacino is preparing to embrace fatherhood once again at the age of 83, as it is revealed that his girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, 29, is eight months pregnant.

New addition to the Pacino family

The renowned actor, famous for his roles in films like Scarface and The Godfather, already has children from previous relationships. He shares a 33-year-old daughter, Julie Marie, with ex-girlfriend Jan Tarrant, and 22-year-old twins, Anton and Olivia, with former partner Beverly D’Angelo.

Romance rumors and previous connections

Reports of a romance between Pacino and Alfallah first emerged in April 2022 when they were spotted together at a dinner. It was later revealed that they had started dating during the early days of the pandemic. Before her relationship with Pacino, Alfallah had been linked to Mick Jagger, whom she dated when he was 74 and she was 22, as well as billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, 60.

Fatherhood reflections

In a 2014 interview with The New Yorker, Pacino shared his thoughts on fatherhood, stating that he feels a strong sense of responsibility towards his children and cherishes his role in their lives. He expressed that being involved in their lives brings him fulfillment and takes him beyond his own concerns.

Older celebrity dads

Interestingly, Pacino’s close friend and fellow actor Robert De Niro, 79, also recently welcomed a child with his girlfriend Tiffany Chen, 45, adding to the list of older celebrity fathers. They join the ranks of notable older dads like Star Trek actor James Doohan and Mexican-American actor Anthony Quinn, who became fathers in their eighties.

Achieving the top spot

However, the oldest known father in the world is Ramjit Raghav, who became a celebrity when he fathered his second son at the age of 96 in 2012. Raghav attributed his ability to have children at such an advanced age to his lifelong vegetarian diet, leading to a humorous response from PETA.

Admiration for senior dads

Acknowledging that parenting is typically associated with younger individuals, it is commendable to see these older fathers embracing the challenges and joys of raising children. The journey of parenthood is demanding, and these senior papas deserve recognition for their dedication.

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