Labour Agency Accuses SpaceX of Wrongful Employee Terminations

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SpaceX, the space exploration company founded by Elon Musk, is facing accusations from a US labour agency regarding the alleged unlawful termination of employees critical of Musk. The US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) filed a complaint consolidating eight unfair labour practice charges against SpaceX, asserting that the firings violated workers’ rights.

Open Letter Triggers Controversy

The complaints stem from SpaceX’s response to an open letter penned by employees in June 2022. Among various workplace concerns, the letter called on company executives to condemn Elon Musk’s behaviour on the then-Twitter platform, X. Musk’s actions, including downplaying sexual harassment allegations against him, were deemed inappropriate by the employees, who sought accountability for such conduct.

Termination of Nine Employees

In the aftermath of the letter’s circulation, SpaceX terminated a total of nine employees, as revealed in a November 2022 filing. The recent complaint filed by the NLRB encompasses eight of these employees. The firings are not the sole focus of the accusations; the complaint also highlights SpaceX’s alleged interrogation of other workers regarding the letter, announcements linking terminations to participation in the letter, and the creation of an impression that employee activities were under surveillance.

SpaceX Counters NLRB with Lawsuit

In response to the NLRB’s complaint, SpaceX filed a lawsuit against the labour agency, asserting that the NLRB is “unconstitutionally structured” and its actions against the company are “unlawful.” SpaceX contends that the employees involved in the letter were terminated for violating company policies and that the NLRB’s actions are an unwarranted intrusion.

Legal Proceedings and SpaceX’s Response

SpaceX has until mid-January to respond to the NLRB’s complaint, marking the initial step in the legal process. The lawsuit against the NLRB claims that the employees’ open letter caused “significant distraction” across the company. If a settlement is not reached, a hearing is scheduled to commence on March 5 in Los Angeles, indicating a potential legal battle between SpaceX and the labour agency.

SOURCE: Ref Image from Gulf News

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