Hardline Ex-Minister Issues Ultimatum to UK PM on Immigration

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Warning of Electoral Wipeout

Suella Braverman, the recently sacked hardline former interior minister, has delivered a stern ultimatum to Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, demanding a tougher stance on immigration. Braverman, known for her outspoken comments, emphasized the urgency of addressing “mass, uncontrolled, illegal immigration” and warned that failure to do so could lead to electoral disaster for the Conservative party.

Now or Never: A Call for Immediate Action

In a parliamentary address, Braverman declared that the time is “now or never” to confront the challenges posed by immigration. The issue, a longstanding and emotionally charged political matter in the UK, is gaining prominence ahead of the anticipated general election next year. Braverman, aligning with the right-wing faction of the Conservative party, positions herself as a potential leader should Sunak face pressure to resign after the upcoming vote.

New Treaty with Rwanda Amid Controversy

Braverman’s statement coincides with Home Secretary James Cleverly signing a new treaty with Rwanda, a move Sunak hopes will lead to the deportation of thousands of migrants, aiming to curb record immigration levels. Braverman’s call for stricter measures aligns with right-wing Tories seeking total control over the UK’s borders, considering it a crucial aspect of the Brexit agenda.

Electoral Oblivion Warning and Demand for Sovereignty

Braverman issued a stark warning that the Conservative party faces “electoral oblivion” if it introduces another bill deemed destined to fail. She urged the party to “fight for sovereignty or let our party die,” emphasizing her refusal to witness failure. Calling for political courage from Sunak, Braverman demanded measures beyond existing plans, addressing concerns raised by the Supreme Court regarding the legality of deportation policies under international law.

Immediate Action Needed: Addressing Legal Concerns and Detention

Braverman pressed for a new bill that addresses the court’s safety concerns about Rwanda, allowing flights before the expected election next year. She advocated for powers to detain and remove migrants, bypassing human rights and international law. Braverman called for swift removals within days of arrivals and administrative detention of illegal arrivals until their removal. Expressing support for Sunak if he leads this fight, she hinted at potential damaging infighting within the party if such measures are not pursued.

SOURCE: Ref Image from The Independent

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